Support for Victims of Crime

The Psychology Health Institute of The Polish Psychologists’ Association helps and supports victims of crime, witnesses of crime as well as their family members. This initiative is co-financed from the Justice Fund of the Minister of Justice.

Since 2009 the Institute has been assisting numerous victims of crime who are incapable of dealing with court procedures on their own and who seek counselling and financial support in restoring their private lives, careers and social relations.

Our support for victims of crime, witnesses of crime and their closest ones provided within the scope of this project includes, among others, the following:

• organising and financing legal aid
• organising and financing interpreting services in any foreign language or sign language in order to provide best support
• covering costs related to counselling assistance, psychotherapy or psychiatric aid
• financing periodical additional payments to current rental and media fees in a flat
• financing travelling by means of public transport or covering travelling costs associated with obtaining benefits and settling matters related to various crime results
• covering costs of food or food vouchers
• covering costs of purchase of clothing and cleaning products

We offer help and support to victims of crime (such as bodily injuries, fight, battery, traffic accident, punishable threats, rape/sexual abuse, domestic violence, non-alimony, theft, robbery, fraud, property damages and damages to others), witnesses of such crime and their family members.

Centre for Victims of Crime

Visit our Regional Centre for Victims of Crime and our Local Help Desks for Victims of Crime. Telephone call to book an appointment with a specialist prior to paying us a visit is strongly advised.