Areas of activity

How do we help

The Psychology Health Institute of The Polish Psychologists’ Association helps and supports victims of crime, witnesses of crime as well as their family members.

Training courses

The Psychology Health Institute has introduced an integrated training and certification system in the area of anti-domestic violence measures.

Support us

If you want to support our mission of helping victims of domestic violence, invite us to trainings, help us organize trainings, provide us with good advice or become a sponsor.

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The only magazine in Poland devoted to issues related to interpersonal violence. Exists since 1998.

Legal information

We believe that the support of a specialist is crucial in the assistance process, so we offer access to free legal advice and collect information about the provisions related to the phenomenon of violence.

About the violence

We have been providing services within a wide range of anti-domestic violence measures and educating on this topic for 25 years.